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Many drug tests are conducted without prior notice, leaving the test subject open for a devastating, positive result. Don’t let it happen to you! Synthetic urine is the perfect solution for random, unannounced drug tests because of its efficiency.

Synthetic urine also protects pregnant women workers urine from sneak tests and layoffs, as well as older employees, near retirement, who unscrupulous employers say tested positive so they can be fired without benefits.

These products are designed to assist the people who meet urine drug tests and don’t have the necessary time to complete their personal detoxifying program. These products are based on tested technology, effective, compact and affordable. No long preparation is needed.

Sometimes you just need to have fun / relax and not face any problems afterward. Sometimes all-of-a-sudden our employers request that we undergo various tests. The synthetic urine products are designed and manufactured for your convenience and help you escape any negative consequences.


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