• Drink lots of water — at least two quarts a day several days before you wish all traces to be eliminated. Water is a natural cleanser and assists the body in the detoxification process.
  • If you are giving a Urine Sample, use the third or later urine of the day and “catch” your sample in midstream — not the first portion that comes out.
  • Exercise and dry sauna heat will help remove the THC for purposes of Detoxing. Do this in combination with heavy water intake.
  • Stop exercising at least two days before your test because exercise increases the amount of THC in your urine. Since THC is fat-soluble and is stored in fat cells, exercise will help burn the fat cells thus releasing more THC into your urine sample.
  • You should avoid all toxins and unnecessary medications for 48-72 hours before you are testing or need trace elimination to occur.
  • The best way to not have drug traces in your system is to eliminate drug use from your life.
  • If residue from marijuana continues to exist in the user’s body cravings for marijuana will arise and withdrawal symptoms persist. The goal of marijuana detox is to ultimately eliminate the drug, and all its metabolites from the body to increase the chance of a successful lifestyle change. The human body will eventually expel the remaining marijuana residue through urination and sweating.
  • Various drug rehabilitation centers use scientifically proven methods to expedite the marijuana detox process, which in turn, makes for a faster and easier lifestyle change. If you need assistance with drug rehab or getting off of drugs click here for more info about Narconon Southern California.

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